Questions that Matter in Student Ministry

This year, I finally became an official adult. Not because I got a full-time job, or that I am no longer in school, but mainly because I did my own taxes. This technically the fourth year I have filed taxes, but my dad would always take care of it for me, but this year, I decided to take the reins and do them myself. And even though I used TurboTax, I still had so many questions about taxes, which in my opinion should be considered a foreign language due to all of its “tax form jargon.” Naturally, I went to my dad for all of the questions about the forms I didn’t know what I needed to put down, and even how to physically mail one of mine to a certain state. To which my dad would always respond, “Don’t you know how to do all of this stuff? Haven’t I shown you how to do these things? To his credit, I bet he had already given me all of these answers before, but those answers didn’t take root with me because I never asked any questions to get those answers. I did not care about the answer until I finally asked the questions. This simple concept will take you miles in student ministry.

One of my professors in college would always repeat this phrase, “Students do not care about your answer until they own the question.”

 How often do you find yourself telling your students the same thing over and over again without seeing many results? If the answer is a lot, then you are seeing your students merely taking information in through one ear and out the other. They will find it difficult to retain the information because it may not find it as valuable information yet. To clarify, most likely your solutions and answers for students aren’t wrong, they just may not see it essential yet.

So what questions matter in Student Ministry? They are the questions the students ask you. This shows you what they are curious about, where their heart is, and what their convictions are. When students have issues they care about, they will want your answer, and they will take that answer to heart. This can lead to AMAZING conversations about Jesus, faith, scripture, etc. Be patient with your students, listen for their questions, ask them good questions, and most importantly lead them to discover more about Jesus by asking these questions because that will lead them to

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